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Pagb Methods and their Effects. Decadence of the Higher Phenomena under Braid's Methods. The Causes explained. Telepathic Powers developed by Mesmerism. Mesmerism as a Therapeutic Agent. Method of Operation recommended. How to acquire the Power. The Necessary Conditions of Success. Will-Power explained. The Fluidic Theory requires Revision. Distinction between Mesmerism and Hypnotism sharply drawn. Mesmerization of Animals distinguished from the Hypnotization of Animals.
 Methods employed in each. Tamers of Horses and Wild Beasts. Dog-Trainers. Primitive Man. His Powers. His Immunity from Harm. Daniel. The Adepts. General Conclusions................105
Platform Experiments misleading. Their Utter Inutility as a Test. So-called " Tests " described and explained. Sexual Outrages impossible. Auto-Suggestion protects the Virtuous. A Willing Subject necessary. Demonstrative Experiments. Modern Authorities cited against Themselves. Professor Gregory's Views. The Elevated Moral Tone of Subjects when mesmerized. Successful Suggestion of Suicide impossible. The Three Normal Functions of the Subjective Mind. Self-Preservation. Propagation. Preservation of Offspring. Instinctive Auto-Suggestion. Indifference on Near Approach of Death. A Universal Law.
 Illustrative Incidents. Suggestive Criminal Abortion impossible. Premonitions explained. The Daemon of Socrates. Clairaudience. The Instinct of Death. Hypnotism in Jurisprudence. Testimony valueless. Vital Secrets impossible to obtain. Doctors must not monopolize the Forces of Nature. The Folly of Adverse Legislation . 123
Historical Notes. Mind Cure in Ancient Times. Bible Accounts. Miracles of the Church. Healing by the King's Touch. Views of Paracelsus and Pomponazzi. Bernheim's Experiments. The Modern Schools. Their Theories. The True Hypothesis applicable to All Systems.Illustrations of the Theory. Producing a Blister by Suggestion. Bloody Stigmata. Letters of Blood. Objective Control of Sub-