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Law of Psychic Phenomena.
Necessity of a Working Hypothesis. The Newtonian Hypothesis. The Atomic Theory. A Psychological Hypothesis necessary. Theories of Hypnotism and Mesmerism. Spiritism. Mental Therapeutics. Liebault's Law of Suggestion.Duality of Mind. A Working Hypothesis for Psychology formulated. Its Three Terms.
S UBSTANTIAL progress in any science is impossible in the absence of a working hypothesis which is universal in its application to the phenomena pertaining to the subject-matter. Indeed, until such an hypothesis is discovered and formulated, no subject of human investigation can properly be said to be within the domain of the exact sciences. Thus, astronomy, previous to the promulgation of Kepler's Laws and the formulation of the Newtonian hypothesis of gravitation, was in a state of chaos, and its votaries were hopelessly divided by conflicting theories. But the moment Newton promulgated his theorem a revolution began which eventually involved the whole scientific world. Astronomy was rescued from the domain of empiricism, and became an exact science. What the Newtonian hypothesis did for astronomy, the atomic theory has done for chemistry. It enables one