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Three Sub-classes of Mental Phenomena. Mathematical Prodigies.
 Musical Prodigies. Measurement of Time. Distinction between Results of Objective Education and Intuitive Perception. Zerah Colburn, the Mathematical Prodigy. The Lightning Calculator. Blind Tom, the Musical Prodigy.The Origin and Uses of Music. East Indian Fakirs. Measurement of Time. The Power possessed by Animals. Illustrative Incidents. Hypnotic Subjects.Jouffroy's Testimony. Bernheim's Views.
 Practical Observations. The Normal Functions of Objective Intelligence. The Limitations of Subjective Intelligence pertain to its Earthly State only. Its Kinship to God demonstrated by its Limitations. Omniscience cannot reason inductively. Induction is Inquiry. Perception the Attribute of Omniscience. Conclusions regarding the Power or the Soul.
HTHERE are three other sub-classes of subjective mental *■ phenomena which must be grouped by themselves, inasmuch as they are governed by a law which does not pertain to the classes mentioned in the preceding chapter, although there are some characteristics which are common to them all. The first of these classes of phenomena is manifested in mathematical prodigies; the second in musical prodigies; and the third pertains to the measurement of time.
The important distinction to be observed between the phenomena described in the preceding chapter and those pertaining to mathematics, music, and the measurement ol time, consists in the fact that in the former everything depends upon objective education, whilst the latter are