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Mesmeric Methods. The- Fluidic Theory. Influence of ihe Mind of the Operator.1 ihe Early Mesmerists. Their Methods and their Effects. Decadence of the Higher Phenomena under Braid's Methods. The Causes explained. Telepathic Powers developed by Mesmerism. Mesmerism as a Therapeutic Agent. Method of Operation recommended. How to acquire the Power. The Necessary Conditions of Success. Will Power explained.The Fluidic Theory requires Revision. Distinction between Mesmerism and Plypnotism sharply drawn. Mesmeri-zation of Animals distinguished from the Hypnotization of AnimalsMethods employed in Each.Tamers of Horses and WTild Beasts. Dog-Trainers. Primitive Man. His Powers. His Immunity from Harm. Daniel. The Adepts. General Conclusions.
T HAT the magnetic hypothesis of the mesmerists has many facts to sustain it cannot be denied. The experience of thousands goes to show that when passes are made over them, even at a distance of several feet, a sensation is felt akin to a gentle shock of electricity, which produces a remarkably soothing effect upon the nervous system, and eventually produces the mesmeric sleep. It is also known that when patients are mesmerized for therapeutic purposes, and passes are made over the affected part, the same soothing effect is produced, and pain is relieved. In fact, if we consider mesmerism solely as a therapeutic agent, and study it from that standpoint alone, the fluidic hypothesis is perhaps as good as any. But when we come to study mesmeric phenomena as a part, and only a very small part,