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Platform Experiments misleading. Their Utter Inutility as a Test.
 So-called " Tests " described and explained. Sexual Outrages impossible.Auto-suggestion protects the Virtuous. A Willing Subject necessary.Demonstrative Experiments. Modern Authorities cited against themselves. Professor Gregory's Views.
 The Elevated Moral Tone of Subjects when mesmerized. Successful Suggestion of Suicide impossible. The Three Normal Functions of the Subjective Mind. Self-Preservation. Propagation. Preservation of Offspring. Instinctive Auto-suggestion. Indifference on Near Approach of Death. A Universal Law. Illustrative Incidents. Suggestive Criminal Abortion impossible. Premonitions explained. The Daemon of Socrates. Clairaudience. The Instinct of Death. Hypnotism in Jurisprudence. Testimony Valueless. Vital Secrets impossible to obtain. Doctors must not monopolize the Forces of Nature. The Folly of Adverse Legislation.
DEFORE leaving the subject of hypnotism, I deem it *-* proper to say a few words on one of its branches which is just now attracting the attention alike of students of the science and the public at large. The idea is being very generally promulgated among the people that the ability of one man to mesmerize or hypnotize another implies the possession of a very dangerous power, and one which, in the hands of an unscrupulous man, may be used for criminal purposes. It is perhaps not strange that such an idea should prevail among those who have not studied the science except by observation of platform experiments, which are designed rather to amuse than to instruct. There is something so mysterious in the whole subject,