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Historical Notes. Mind Cure in Ancient Times. Bible Accounts.
 Miracles of the Church. Healing by the King's Touch. Views of Paracelsus and Pomponazzi. Bernheim's Experiments.
 The Modern Schools. Their Theories. The True Hypothesis applicable to all Systems.Illustrations of the Theory. Producing a Blister by Suggestion. Bloody Stigmata. Letters of Blood. Objective Control of Subjective Mind. Subjective Control of Bodily Functions. The Necessary Mental Conditions.
 The Precepts and Example of Christ. Subjective Faith alone required. Discussion of Various Systems. Christian Science, etc. General Conclusions.
I N the whole range of psychological research there is no branch of the study of such transcendent practical interest and importance to the world as that which pertains to its application to the cure of disease. That there resides in mankind a psychic power over the functions and sensations of the body, and that that power can be invoked at will, under certain conditions, and applied to the alleviation of human suffering, no longer admits of a rational doubt. The history of all nations presents an unbroken line of testimony in support of the truth of this proposition. In the infancy of the world the power of secretly influencing men for good or evil, including the healing of the sick, was possessed by the priests and saints of all nations. Healing of the sick was supposed to be a power derived directly from God, and it was exerted by means of prayers and ceremonies, laying on of hands and incantations, amulets and talismans, rings, relics, and images, and the knowledge of it was transmitted with the sacred mysteries.