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processes of applying the force at their command. There is but one thing common to them all, and that is that they all cure diseases.
We have, then, six different systems of psycho-therapeutics, based upon as many different theories, differing as widely as the poles, and each presenting indubitable evidence of being able to perform cures which in any age but the present would have been called miraculous.
The most obvious conclusion which strikes the scientific mind is that there must be some underlying principle which is common to them all. It is the task of science to discover that principle.
It will now be in order to recall to the mind of the reader, once more, the fundamental propositions of the hypothesis under consideration. They are,
First, that man is possessed of two minds, which we have distinguished by designating one as the objective mind, and the other as the subjective mind.
Secondly, that the subjective mind is constantly amenable to control by the power of suggestion.
These propositions having been established, at least provisionally, by the facts shown in the foregoing chapters, it now remains to present a subsidiary proposition, which pertains to the subject of psycho-therapeutics, namely :             .
The subjective mind has absolute control of the functions, conditions, and sensations of the body.
This proposition seems almost self-evident, and will receive the instant assent of all who are familiar with the simplest phenomena of hypnotism. It is well known, and no one at all acquainted with hypnotic phenomena now disputes the fact, that perfect anesthesia can be produced at the will of the operator simply by suggestion. Hundreds of cases are recorded where the most severe surgical operations have been performed without pain upon patients in the hypnotic condition. The fact can be verified at any time by experiment on almost any hypnotic subject, and in case of particularly sensitive subjects the phenomena can be produced in the waking condition. How the subjective