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CHAPTER XII. psycho-therapeutics (continued).
Methods classified in Two Divisions. Mental and Oral Suggestions.
 Absent Treatment."Christian Scientists handicapped by Absurd Theories. They claim too much. The Use of Drugs. Dangers arising from too Radical Change. Importance of Favorable Mental Environment. Mental Healing requires Mental Conditions. Treatment by Hypnotism. Bernheim's Methods. Illustrative Cases.The Practical Value of the System. The Illogical Limitations of the Theory. Potency of Telepathic Suggestion. Researches of the Society for Psychical Research. Mr. Gurney's Experiments.They demonstrate the Theory of Effluent Emanations. Diagnosis by Intuition. Potency of Mesmerism.
 Permanency of Cures.Conditions necessary.The Example of Jesus. Self-healing by Auto-suggestion.
'"THE science of mental therapeutics may be classed in * two general divisions, which are distinguished by the different methods of operation. The same general principle underlies both, but the results are attained by different modes of procedure.
The first method is by passivity on the part of the patient, and mental suggestion by the healer.
The second is by passivity on the part of the patient, and oral suggestion by the healer.
In ordinary practice both methods are used; that is tc say, the oral suggestionist often unconsciously telepaths a mental suggestion to the subjective mind of the patient. If he thoroughly believes the truth of his own suggestions, the telepathic effect is sure to follow, and always to the manifest advantage of the patient. This is why it is that in all works on hypnotism and mesmerism the value and im