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Telepathy the Normal Means of Communication between Subjective Minds. Perfect Passivity required for Therapeutic Suggestions.
 Natural Sleep the most Perfect State of Passivity. Hypnotic Sleep and Natural Sleep identical. Phenomena of Dreams. Subjective Mind controllable by Suggestion during Natural Sleep
 Illustrative Incidents. Passivity a Necessity on the Part of the Operator. The Subjective Mind can be caused to convey Telepathic Messages during Sleep. Illustrative Experiments.
T HE science of psycho-therapeutics is yet in its infancy. Thus far just enough has been learned to stimulate research. It has been demonstrated that there is a psychic power inherent in man which can be employed for the amelioration of his own physical condition, as well as that of his fellows. When this is said, nearly all the ground covered by present knowledge has been embraced. It is true that many wonderful cures have been effected, many marvellous phenomena developed. Nevertheless, all are groping in the dark, with only an occasional glimmering of distant light shed upon the subject; and this light serves principally to show how little is now known, compared with what there is yet to learn.
In one view of the situation, however, it may be said that much has already been accomplished. In the conflict of theoretical discussion, and by means of the various and seemingly conflicting methods of operation, certain laws have been discovered which may serve as a basis for new experiments and new discoveries. It is the province of science to collate those laws and to classify the facts where-