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more than a flight of the imagination. At my request she wrote a brief account of her impressions, and signed it.
S. H. B.
One of the authors of " Phantasms of the Living " (Mr. Gurney) on one occasion requested Mr. B. to send him a note on the night that he intended to make his next experiment of the kind, whereupon the following correspondence ensued:
March 22, 1884.
Dear Mr. Gurnev, I am going to try the experiment tonight of making my presence perceptible at 44 Morland Square, at 12 p. M. I will let you know the result in a few days.
Yours very sincerely,                           S. H. B.
The next letter was received in the course of the following week:
April 3, 1884.
Dear Mr. Gurney, I have a strange statement to show you respecting my experiment, which was tried at your suggestion, and under the test conditions which you imposed. Having quite forgotten which night it was on which I attempted the projection, I cannot say whether the result is a brilliant success, or only a slight one, until I see the letter which I posted you on the evening of the experiment. Having sent you that letter, I did not deem it necessary to make a note in my diary, and consequently have let the exact date slip my memory. If the dates correspond, the success is complete in every detail, and I have an account signed and witnessed to show you.
I saw the lady (who was the subject) for the first time last night, since the experiment, and she made a voluntary statement to me, which I wrote down at her dictation, and to which she has attached her signature. The date and time of the apparition are specified in this statement, and it will be for you to decide whether they are identical with those given in my letter to you. I have completely forgotten, but yet I fancy that they are the same.                                                           S. H. B.
This is the statement:
44 Morland Square, W. On Saturday night, March 22, 1884, at about midnight, I had a distinct impression that Mr. S. H. B. was present in my