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Recapitulation of Propositions. Natural Sleep the Best Condition attainable both for Healer and Patient. Demonstrative Experi-ments.Healing at a Distance of One Thousand Miles. Distance no Obstacle. Space does not exist for the Subjective Mind. Objective Habits of Thought the only Adverse Factor. Diseases treated. Strabismus Cured. Mode of Operation. Not a Good Money-making Scheme. It Promotes the Health of the Healer. A Method of Universal Utility. Self-healing its Most Important Function. The Power absolute. Within the Reach of all. Method of Self-healing.The Patient's Credulity not overtaxed. The Example of Christ. Material Remedies not to be ignored. Advice to Christian Scientists. The Control of Dreams. Practical Conclusions.
I T is thought that the following propositions have now been, at least provisionally, established: i. There is, inherent in man, a power which enables him to communicate his thoughts to others, independently of objective means of communication.
2.   A state of perfect passivity on the part of the percipient is the most favorable condition for the reception of telepathic impressions or communications.
3.   There is nothing to differentiate natural sleep from induced sleep.
4.   The subjective mind is amenable to control by suggestion during natural sleep just the same as it is during induced sleep.
5.   The condition of natural sleep, being the most perfect passive condition attainable, is the best condition for the reception of telepathic impressions by the subjective mind.