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If a Man die, shall he live again? The Problem not solved by Spiritistic Phenomena. The Phenomena admitted. Their Supernatural Origin denied. Explained by the Hypothesis. Subsidiary Hypothesis. An Intelligent Dynamic Force. It's Characteristics. Limited by Medium's Intelligence. It is controlled by Suggestion. Phenomena fail in Presence of Scepticism. Reasons. Mediumistic Frauds. The Primary Lesson in Spiritistic Investigation. Mediums not necessarily dishonest. Their Honest Belief in the Phenomena. Suggestion explains all. Illustrations from Hypnotism.Convincing Character of Alleged Communi cations. Telepathic Explanations. General Conclusions.
T HE next subject which claims our attention in connection with the hypothesis under consideration is that of modern spiritism. It is approached with much diffidence and some misgivings, not because of any doubt as to the applicability of the hypothesis to the vast range of so-called spiritual phenomena, but because of the transcendent interest and importance of the subject to all mankind. It cannot be forgotten that millions of human beings base their hopes of a life beyond the grave upon their belief that in the phenomena of spiritism they have tangible evidence of the immortality of the soul, and that by means of such phenomena they can be put into communication with the spirits of the loved ones who have gone before. The fact cannot be ignored that there are millions of stricken hearts whose wounds have been healed by the consolation afforded by that conviction. The great question, " If a man die, shall he live again?" has been by these phenomena satisfactorily answered for many whom revealed religion failed