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Various Classes of Phenomena. Clairvoyance. Its Field not yet clearly defined. Telepathy invades its Ancient Domain. Simple Experiments in Telepathy.Their Significance. Telepathic Power in Mediums. Telepathic Visions. A Typical Seance. Wonderful Exhibition of Telepathic Power. An Affecting Interview of the Sitter with Himself. Deductions. Visions of Inanimate Things as well as of Deceased Persons. Spirit of the Jack of Clubs. Subjective Memory. Spirit Identity. Allan Kardec's Observations. His Illogical Conclusions. His Supreme Test. Telepathic Explanation. Four Ways of explaining his Test Case.
T HERE are several ways by which the operations of the subjective mind can be brought above the threshold of consciousness. When this is done by any one of the various methods, a phenomenon is produced. Each of these phenomena has been, at some time in the history of mankind, attributed to the agency of disembodied spirits.
The leading phenomena above alluded to are clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, mesmerism, or hypnotism, automatic writing, percussive sounds (spirit-rapping), movement of ponderable bodies (table-tipping), and phantasmic appearances.
Of these, clairvoyance, telepathy, and hypnotism have generally ceased to be regarded as proceeding from super-           \
natural agencies. They are now recognized as powers inherent in mankind, and, as will be seen, are largely employed to explain other phenomena.