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" But," continued the lady, " this is not your only occupation. I see you in your library at home, surrounded by books and manuscripts. You appear to be writing a book."
She then went on to describe correctly all the bookcases and other furniture in the room, and then said,
" I see the pathway by which you have arrived at your present conclusion in reference to the subject of your book. It is all strewn with rubbish and weeds, all of which you have thrown aside. But you see a great light ahead, and are pursuing that with perfect confidence and steadiness of purpose."
"Am I in the right path? " inquired the examiner.
" I cannot tell, for I cannot perceive the subject on which you are writing. I think you are, however, for the light ahead seems so clear."
After a pause she added,
" You are making one mistake. You think that you are doing it all yourself. But you are not. You are constantly guided by a great spirit."
"Who is he?" was asked, with all the greater interest because the gentleman was writing a book, and, like every other author, felt that he had perceived " a great light;" moreover, if he was sure of anything connected with it, he was sure that he was doing it himself, without the aid of any spirit or spirits. " Give me the name of my spirit friend and guide," he added.
" I cannot do that to-day," she replied, with the true commercial instinct of the professional medium; " come to-morrow, and I will try to give you the name."
Accordingly, the same party visited her the next day, when she made every effort to obtain the name, but without success. It should be stated here that the lady was a slate-writing medium. Communication after communication was written, but without signature, and all efforts to obtain the name were futile. Finally the gentleman said, in an aside apparently not intended for the ears of the medium, " I think I know who it is. It must be either