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Psychometry. " The Souls of Things." Professor Denton's Experiments. Wonderful Visions of the Ancient Environment of Geological Specimens. A Piece of Mortar from Cicero's House. Supposed Scientific Tests. Explanation on Telepathic Principles.
 Experiments in Hypnotism compared. Clairvoyance and Telepathy. Their Boundary Lines in Transit. Clairaudience.
 Definitions of the Term. Socrates and his Daemon. Modern Instances. Mental Impressions. Premonitions. Their Unreliability. Remarkable Examples of Clairaudience. A Lawyer's Experience. Subject to the Law of Suggestion. Insanity sometimes results from Ignorance of the Cause. Practical Suggestions.
T HERE is another class of phenomena which has attracted a great deal of public attention, and which demands a passing notice in this connection. It is that class which has received an exhaustive treatment in the work of the late Professor Denton, entitled " The Souls of Things." It has been denominated " psychometry," which may be defined as the supposed power of the human mind to discern the history of inanimate objects by clairvoyance. Many wonderful stories are related of the exercise of this supposed faculty, under the strictest test conditions, as test conditions were then understood. Professor Denton made a long series of experiments with his sister, his wife, and some others who were supposed to possess that power in a remarkable degree. The powers of his wife and sister were indeed wonderful; but, as we shall see, not in the line in which the experiments were directed. It must be pre-