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The Planchette. Modifications. Easily operated. Automatic Writing. Governed by the Universal Law. The Planchette without Spirits. The Planchette and Telepathy. Trance Ancient and Modern Superstitions relating to Trance. Religious Systems founded on Trance. Visions. Swedenborg. Oriental Philosophy. Its Slow Growth and Stupendous Proportions. Spiritistic Philosophy. Its Evolution. All founded on Trance Visions in Ignorance of the Law of Suggestion. Cahagnet's Mesmeric Seers. Their Revelations. Objective and Subjective Visions. Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy. Visions of the Holy Virgin. The Physical and Mental Attitude of Prayer. The Prayer of Faith. Obsession. Possession. Casting out Devils. Devils out of Fashion. The Influence of Suggestion. The Element of Telepathy. Dual Personality. Loss of Identity. Characteristics. The Case of Ansel Bourne. Possible Explanation. A Proof of the Dual Hypothesis. Multiple Personality.
A NOTHER method of bringing the operations of the subjective mind above the threshold of consciousness is by means of an instrument called the planchette. It consists of a thin board about six inches square, resting upon two castors, the third leg consisting of a pencil, which passes through a hole in the board, its point resting upon the paper upon which the instrument is designed to write. The mode of operation consists in resting the hand lightly upon the board and allowing it to move over the paper without consciously aiding its progress. In the hands of a medium it will soon begin to write, apparently propelled by an unseen power. A modification of this apparatus is now