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Q. Is it the will of a living person, or of an immaterial spirit distinct from that person ? Answer ' person' or spirit.'
A. Wife.
Q. Give first the wife's Christian name; then my favorite name for her.
A. (This was accurately done.)
Q. What is your own name ?
A. Only you.
Q. We are not quite sure of the meaning of the answer. Explain.
A. Wife."
At a subsequent sitting the following questions and answers were given:
" Q. Who are you that write ?
A.    Wife.
Q.    But does no one tell wife what to write? If so, who?
A.    Spirit.
Q.    Whose spirit ?
A.    Wife's brain.
Q.    But how does wife's brain know (certain) secrets ?
A.    Wife's spirit unconsciously guides."
At a subsequent seance the following dialogue occurred:
" Q. By what means are (unknown) secrets conveyed to wife's brain ?
A. What you call mesmeric influence.
Q. What do you mean by ' what you call' ? What do you call it?
A. Electro-biology.
Q. By whom, or by what, is the electro-biologic force set in motion?
A. I told you you could not know more than you did.
Q. Can wife answer a question the reply to which I do not know?
A. Why do you try to make me say what I won't?
Q. Simply because I desire knowledge. Why will you not tell?
A. Wife could tell if some one else, with a very strong will, in the room knew."
These two cases clearly demonstrate the proposition that where an operator can be found who is not dominated