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The Intelligence manifested.It is a Human Intelligence. Inherent Probabilities. Conditions requisite. The Best Conditions. A Living Organism necessary The Laws of Telepathy and Suggestion prevail. Slate-Writing.A Wonderful Slate-Writing Seance. Telepathic and Psycho-Physical Power displayed in Perfection. Demonstration of its Mundane Origin. An Unexpected Phenomenon. Summary of Results. Syllogism. General Conclusions. Spiritistic Phenomena do not constitute Valid Evidence of a Life beyond the Grave. An Argument lor Immortality.
'"THE physical phenomena of spiritism are in more senses * than one the most interesting of all the manifestations of subjective power. They require, however, but a brief treatment at our hands, for the reason that the primary object of this book is to deal with the mental powers and attributes of mankind in their relations to psychic phenomena. No attempt, therefore, will be made to prove that the alleged physical phenomena of so-called spiritism are veridical or otherwise. It would be a work of supererogation to attempt to add force or volume to the already overwhelming array of testimony going to show the wonderful physical power often displayed in connection with psychic phenomena. For our purposes it is not a matter of vital importance whether things can be made to levitate without physical contact or not. It will be assumed, therefore, that all statements made by respectable witnesses in regard to the occurrence of physical phenomena are true. We do