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Ghosts. Scientific Investigations. Tentative Classification of Phenomena. Power to create Phantasms demonstrated. Investigations of the London Society for Psychical Research. Spirit Photography. Projection of the " Astral Body." Witches. Conditions necessary. The same in all Cases. Spirit " Materialization." Magicians. Ghosts the Creations of the Subjective Entity. Eliphas Levi's Views. Raising the Devil. Crystal Visions. Propositions established. Embodied Thoughts. Phantasms not Spirits. Uniform Characteristics. A New Classification. Conditions of Objectivity and Persistency. Haunted Houses. No General Intelligence manifested. D'As-sier's Statements. A Remarkable Case. Ghosts Intensified Telepathic Visions. Difference in Degree, not in Kind. Ghosts not controllable by Suggestion. Other Salient Peculiarities. Ghosts neither prove nor disprove Immortality. Mental Atmosphere of Houses. Remarkable Cases. Classification of Telepathic Phenomena. Conclusions.
'"THERE is another class of phenomena which demands * a brief notice, although it does not pertain directly to the development of the hypothesis under consideration. It is that of phantasms of the dead, or ghosts. Scientific investigations of modern times have demonstrated the fact that many of the ghost-stories which have terrified the timid in all ages of the world have a real foundation in fact; that is, it has been demonstrated that certain impalpable shapes, resembling persons deceased, do from time to time appear to the living. The world is indebted more than it can ever repay to the London Society for Psychical Research for its patient, untiring, and strictly scien-