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The Normal Relations of the Objective and Subjective Faculties. Their Distinctive Powers and Functions. The Infinite Wisdom displayed in their Distribution. It constitutes Man a Free Moral Agent. Limitation of Subjective Powers and Responsibilities in this Life. The Kinship of the Soul to God. The Limitation of the Powers of the Objective Mind. The Transcendent Powers of the Soul. Errors of the Old Philosophers. The Normal Functions of the Soul in Earthly Life. Dangers of Abnormal Exercise of Subjective Power. Nervous Disorders, Insanity, Imbecility, and Moral Degradation.The Importance of a Knowledge of the Law of Suggestion. Dangers of Mediumship. Trance-speakers. Immoral Tendency of Ignorant Mediumship. Tendency towards Free Love.The Causes. The Orientalists. Their Greater Powers and their Greater Facilities for Self-delusion. Practical Conclusions. Warnings.
HAVE now presented the propositions of my hypothe-■* sis, together with a brief outline showing its applicability to the leading psychic phenomena; and it remains only to draw a few practical conclusions which apply to every-day life. The first, and the most obviously important one, relates to the exercise of subjective power, and the normal relations of the objective and subjective faculties. In order to do so clearly and concisely, it will be necessary to recall the terms of the hypothesis.
The first proposition is that the mind of man is dual in character. This proposition, as we have already stated, has been more or less dimly recognized by many philosophers in all ages; and during the present century it has been gradually assuming a more definite status in mental philosophy. Assuming, therefore, this proposition to be