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The Great Stumbling-block, Unbelief in the Physical History of Christ. Modern Science confirms the New Testament. Internal Evidence of the Truth of the History of Jesus. The Scientific Accuracy of his Statements.The Exoteric and the Esoteric Doctrines. Parables. Esoteric Doctrines Reserved for Modern Science to discover. The Spirit of Truth. Jesus the first to proclaim the Scientific Truth. The Doctrine of Faith. Healing the Sick.Natural Law. Faith essential then as now. Illustrative Incidents. Jairus' Daughter. Seven Scientific Steps. Secrecy enjoined. Scientific Reasons. Rediscovery of the Science of Mental Therapeutics in Modern Times. Nothing discovered that Jesus did not know. Absent Treatment. The Power to heal transmitted to all Future Generations. The Conditions. Conclusions.
I T was no part of my original intention in writing this book to enter upon the discussion of theological questions, or to speculate upon the possible condition of the soul after the death of the body. Nor shall I, to any great extent, enter upon that prolific field of discussion at this time. Nevertheless, I cannot refrain from presenting a few thoughts which have forced themselves upon me concerning the relation which the hypothesis under consideration bears to the history and doctrines of the man Jesus Christ. In doing so I hope to offend no man's theology, and to avoid the accusation of seeking to " open the secret of spiritual life in the criminal court of empirical philosophy."
It has often been said that the laws which enable man to perceive spiritual truths, or to apprehend the relation which his spiritual nature bears to the Christ, cannot be