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Even now, after eighteen centuries of Christianity, we may be involved in some enormous error, of which the Christianity of the future will make us ashamed. Vinet.
The Necessity of Signs and Wonders. Christ's Work was for all Time. His Consummate Wisdom. Signs and Wonders as Evidence. His Perception of Spiritual Laws. The Perceptive Powers of the Soul. Propositions. Presumptive Evidence of his Knowledge of Spiritual Laws.Condition precedent to Immortality. Faith the Essential Condition. The Declarations of Christ. He meant just what He said. The Doctrines of the Church. Literal Extinction of the Soul through Unbelief Belief essential to Salvation. Belief will not avert the Consequences of Sin. Inherent Probabilities. The Conscious Existence of the Soul. The Law of Suggestion applied. Scepticism constitutes a P'atal Suggestion.Phenomena of Hypnotism illustrative. Souls of Animals have no Conscious Existence; hence not Immortal. Christ as a Saviour of Souls. His Doctrine new to the World, but scientifically correct.
W HEN Jesus said to the nobleman of Capernaum, " Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe," he not only correctly summarized the then existing attitude of the public mind in reference to the doctrines which he proclaimed, but he declared with prophetic exactitude that which is as true to-day as it was when he uttered it in Galilee. He said it, not reproachfully, but as a statement of a condition inevitable from the nature of things, which must be recognized and dealt with in a practical manner. The wisdom shown in yielding to the demand for " signs and wonders" in that day is obvious. Without it the people could not believe; with it they