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The Success of Christ's Mission. Chaotic State of Spiritual Philosophy in His Time. The Various Doctrines in Vogue. Jesus the first to simplify the Doctrine of Immortality. He gave it a Definite Status in Philosophy. The Doctrine of Future Rewards and Punishments. God will " render to every Man according to His Deeds."Spiritual Penalties for Violations of Spiritual Law. The Sin against the Holy Ghost. The Sin of Unbelief. The Status of a Lost Soul. Possible Reincarnation. The Means of Punishment for Sin. Affections. Conscience. Memory. General Conclusions. Scientific Basis of Christianity.
I T is often charged by the sceptical world that the mission of Jesus has thus far proved a failure, for that only about one third of the inhabitants of the earth have ever heard the name of Christ; that of Christian nations but a limited proportion of the inhabitants belong to the Christian Church; and that of the church membership there is but a limited number who so live as to entitle them to the rewards of heaven. Measured by the common idea of what constitutes salvation, there may be good ground for that criticism. But measured by the number of those who believe in the immortality of the soul; by the number who have a hope of a life beyond the grave; by the number who have a consciousness of the existence within them of the transcendental ego; or by the number of those who have risen, directly or indirectly, through the teachings of Christ so far above the level of the brute creation as to have a consciousness of the possibility of immortal life, and a consequent hope and subjective belief in