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The Question of Identity. Consciousness and Memory. Identity considered in Reference to Rewards and Punishments. Conscience. Conflicting Theories of Psychologists.Education and Intuition. Different Standards of Morality. The Soul's Perception of the Eternal Principles of Right and Wrong. The Instinct of Worship.Its Abnormal Manifestations. The Law of Suggestion. Universality of the Sentiment of Worship. Its Normal Manifestations. Demonstrative of the Existence of a God of Love. Old Arguments invalid. Socrates and Paley. Argument predicated on the Affectional Emotions. Syllogistic Deductions. The Divine Pedigree of Man.
I T has often been said that no proposition is worthy of belief that is not verified by phenomena. Whilst I do not commit myself to a maxim so broad in its terms, I have thus far religiously refrained from advancing an idea that is not so verified. In other words, the primary object of this book is to interpret phenomena, and not to advance new ideas, except those which are thrust upon me as necessary deductions from the terms of my hypothesis. Sincerely believing that the fundamental propositions of that hypothesis are true, I have not hesitated to follow them into whatever field they might lead, and to accept every legitimate conclusion. In pursuance of such deductions I have been led reluctantly to the conclusion that none of the phenomena commonly attributed to supermundane agencies afford tangible evidence of the continued existence of the soul after the