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Alberini's Process                                     Albumen Process
Alberini's Process. See Asphalt Process.
Albertype. A form of the collotype process. (See Collotype.)
Album. Literally, anything white, especially a white wall or screen on which sketches were made. Now used in the sense of a blank book, either with openings for the reception of photo-graphs, or blank pages to which they may be affixed.
Albumen. An organic principle found in both the animal and vegetable kingdoms. The purest form in which it can be obtained, and the one in which it is used photographically, is the white of egg, its chief use being the preparation of albumenised paper. It may be obtained commercially in a dry form, which is convenient for such purposes as the albumen substratum.
Albumen Process. The finest, but most difficult, of all processes that are used for lantern-slide making. The plates are slower even than gelatino-chloride plates, and are therefore especially suitable for contact printing; but the delicacy of results, the fineness of the deposit and the transparency of the shadows gives it a high place. Glass plates are first thoroughly cleaned by brushing with nitric acid and water, rinsed in distilled water, and allowed to dry spontaneously; they are then edged with solution of indiarubber in benzole, and coated with an old "sherry-coloured" collodion. As soon as the film has set immerse in distilled water till all greasiness has disappeared ; it is then ready for albumenising. Take 10 ozs. of the whites of new-laid eggs, from which the germs have been removed, and add gradually, with constant stirring, I oz. of distilled water, to which 30 mins. of glacial acetic acid have been added. Cover with a piece of* muslin, or soft linen, and set aside for twenty-four hours in a cool place. At the expiration of this time remove the coagulated scum, and filter the albumen, when it is ready for the iodiser.
Ammonium iodide         ......_ ...      50 grs.
..         bromide ...... ... 5 ..
Liquor ammonia '880 ... ... ...      35 mins.
Distilled water............ 1 oz.
Add this to the albumen and filter. The plate is coated with the iodised albumen and drained, and a second coating of albumen