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Animatograph                                                        Anthion
Mr. Charles Reid, in the Journal of the Royal Photographic Society for April 30th, 1901, p. 242, treats of photographing birds and animals in their native haunts. The keynote of Mr. Reid's method is the cultivation of sympathy between the photographer and the animals photographed. Still, a long shot with a tele-photo apparatus on a firm stand (see above) may sometimes be a useful substitute. " Our Bird Friends," with text and photo-graphic illustrations, by the Brothers Kearton (London, 1900, Cassell), is a book full of suggestions to the would-be photo-grapher of birds.
"Bird-nesting with a Camera," is the title of a very suggestive and fully illustrated article contributed by Mr. Oliver G. Pike to The Amateur Photographer for September 6th, 1901. Mr. Pike points out that many fail in bird-photography by setting the shutter for too rapid exposures. He says that from of a second is sufficient in ordinary cases if the bird is not flying. A clever electric device for automatic exposure is described by Mr. Pike. Mr. Pike's recent book, "In Bird-land," contains much to interest and instruct the would-be photographer of birds. Another useful book on the same subject is " The Home Life of Wild Birds: A New Method of the Study and Photography of Birds," by Francis H. Herrick, with 141 original illustrations from nature by the author, published by Messrs. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York and London.
Photographing Fish. Dr. Bade's method of working is de-scribed in The Amateur Photographer for October 18th, 1901. The fish are in an aquarium of large area, the top of which is exposed to the sun, and exposure is made through a plate glass side. The plate glass should be of special quality, quite free from any yellow tinge, and the water should be clear. Care should be taken that no trace of mud is allowed to gain access to the "studio" aquarium.
Animatograph. An apparatus for projecting moving photo-graphs. (See Cinematograph.)
Anthion. Persulphate of potassium K2S.208, a highly oxidis-ing salt obtained by the electrolysis of potassium sulphate, is sold as a hyposulphite eliminator under the name of anthion. (See Eliminators.)