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Atomic Theory
apparatus is to raise the developing cup, f, so that E about touches the bottom, pour in the developer and suck out the air at d, keeping a sufficient supply in f. In practice this is un-pleasant, owing to the vapour of paraffin which is inhaled, to say nothing of the possibility of sucking liquid paraffin into the mouth. Although the atmospheric action through the upper end of E will never be considerable, it may often - or, indeed,
Fig. ii
generally - be closed by a small cup of water, in which a crystal of sodium sulphite may be dissolved, this cup being retained in position by a suitable block, g. Protection of sensitised fiafier, etc., from atmospheric action. (See Calcium Tube.)
Atomic Theory, Calculations based on. See Equivalence, Chemical ; also Weights and Measures
Aurantia. N(C6H2[N02]3)2NH4 is formed by the nitrifica-tion of Diphenylamin. The commercial preparation contains numerous impurities insoluble in alcohol, but the pure dye is