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Bibliography of Photography
may be supposed by those who have not taken pains to study the subject, and a complete list would form a large volume in itself. Those persons who wish to follow up the records relating to any particular branch of photographic literature will find very special facilities in the admirable free technical library main-tained by the Patent Department (Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London), and which is open until 10 o'clock in the evening every day except Sundays and public holidays ; the fact of it being open late on Saturday evenings being a special advantage to many. (See below for mention of catalogue.) At the British Museum library the collection of photographic books is very complete, but not so readily accessible as at the Patent Department library. The photographic books belonging to the Royal Photographic Society (66, Russell Square, London), have been considerably added to recently, and they are very con-veniently arranged for reference. This library is not public, and although a member's introduction is strictly necessary, there is very little doubt that any person having a sufficient reason for research, and not acquainted with a member, would be assisted by the permanent officials of the Society in obtaining the required introductions. The short list of books given below comprises two classes : handbooks or special treatises now in print, and important monographs or works on special branches of photography only likely to be obtainable second hand, or to be available for reference at the libraries mentioned. Three handbooks and one history of photography are so notable and complete that they merit a special note, as reference to these may often save further trouble. These are : -
Traite Encyelopedique de Photographie. By C. Fabre. Four Volumes, and Supplement. Price 60 fr. Published by Gauthier-Villars & Son, 55 Quai des Grands-Augustins, Paris.
Ausfilhrliches Handbuch der Photographie. By Dr. J. M. Eder. Four Volumes. Published by Knapp of Halle a S.
Handbuch der Photographie. By G. Pizzighelli. Three Volumes. Published by Knapp of Halle a S.
Geschichte der Photographie. One Volume. By C. Schiendl. Published by Hartleben, of Vienna, Pest, and Leipzig.