The Dictionary Of Photography

A True Historic Record Of The Art & Practice Of Photography 100 Years Ago.

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Bibliography of Photography
General List of Works in Print and Standard Reference Books.
Abney. Instruction in Photography, 3s. 6d. (Sampson Low.)
------ Photography with Emulsions. 3s. 6d. (Sampson Low.)
- - Negative Making, is. (Sampson Low.)
------ Recent Advances in Photography. (Society of Arts.)
------ Treatise on Photography. 10th ed. 5s. (Sampson Low.)
Abney and Robinson. The Art and Practice of Silver Printing.
2s. 6d. (Sampson Low.) Ackroyd, W. The Old Light and the New, Dealing with
Radiography. (Chapman & Hall.) Andrews, I. Studies in Photography. 3s. (Hazell, Watson
& Viney, Ld.) Baden-Pritchard. The Photographic Studios of Europe.
(Carter & Co.)
------ About Photography and Photographers. (Carter & Co.)
Bayley, R. Child. Modern Magic Lanterns, is. (Gill.) Bolas, T. The Application of Photography to the Reproduction
of Printing Surfaces and Pictures in Pigment. 2s. (Society of Arts.)
------ The Photographic Studio; a Guide to its Construction,
Design, and Selection of Locality. 2s. 6d. (Marion.)
Bolas, T., and Brown. The Lens: A Practical Guide to the
Choice, Use, and Testing of Photographic Objectives.
(Dawbarn & Ward, 1902.) Bolas, Tallent, and Senior. A Handbook of Photography
in Colours. 314 pp. London, 1900. (Marion.) Brothers, A. Photography: its History, Processes, Apparatus,
and Materials. (Charles Griffin & Co.) Brown, G.. E. Development a?id Developers, is. (Hazell,
Watson & Viney, Ld.) Burnett's Essays (reprint). (Lund.) Burton, W. K. Modern Photography. (Sampson Low.)
------ Optics for Photographers. (Sampson Low.)
------ Pocket-Book for Photographers. (Sampson Low.)
------ Practical Guide to Photographic and Photomechanical
Printing Processes. (Marion & Co.)
Burton, W. K., and Pringle, A. Processes of Pure Photo-graphy. (Iliffe.)