The Dictionary Of Photography

A True Historic Record Of The Art & Practice Of Photography 100 Years Ago.

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Bibliography of Photography
Woodbury, W. E. Gelatino-Chloride Printing. 2s. (Hazell, Watson & Viney, Ld.)
------ Encyclopaedia of Photography. 7s. 6d. (Iliffe.)
Young, A. The ABC of Retouching. 6d. (Percy Lund.)
Patent Office Publications.
Catalogue of Books on Photography. " Subject-matter list of works on Photography and the allied arts and sciences, in the Library of the Patent Office," 62 pages, price 6d. Published at the Patent Office (entrance to sales department in Quality Court, Chancery Lane). This remarkably useful catalogue of photographic books is much more complete than it is possible for a short bibliography like ours to be, and it includes practically all the reference authorities which we give in various parts of this Dictionary. The works being classed under subject-matter heads ; this list is specially convenient for those wishing to follow up any particular subject.
Abstracts of Patent Specifications relating to Photography. Nine volumes have been published, and they may be obtained from the Sale Office mentioned above.
Official and Statutory Tables of Metric Equivalents.
Order in Council substituting a table of metric equivalents for that in Schedule 3, Part I., of the Weights and Measures Act. Statutory Rules and Orders, 1898, No. 411. Price one half-penny, Eyre & Spottiswoode, East Harding Street, Fleet Street, E.C., and 32, Abingdon Street, Westminster, S.W.; or John