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Bromide Paper
of distilled water till it no longer shows a greasy appearance, and the print, previously soaked in water till limp, placed in contact with the collodionised glass under water ; and both should be carefully lifted out, the print well squeegeed down till no air bubbles are visible, and then the whole set up to dry. When thoroughly dry, the edges should be cut round with a sharp knife and the print stripped. The print may also be polished with encaustic paste, which improves the appearance and detail in the shadows without conferring too high a gloss.
Reducing and intensifying Bromide Prints. Sometimes by an error of judgment a bromide print or enlargement may be over-developed and too dark and heavy, in which case our only remedy is to resort to reduction ; and most of the methods adopted for landscape work may here be applied. The most suitable, however, are Howard Farmer's red prussiate of potash reducer, hypochlorite of soda, or Belitzski's reducer.
Howard Farmer's Reducer. The print or enlargement is soaked in water till soft, and then some fresh saturated solution of hyposulphite of soda is added, and the dish well rocked; then a few drops of a 10 per cent, solution of potassium ferri-cyanide or red prussiate of potash are added to the solution, and this again applied to the print. Reduction will visibly take place, the intensity of the action being controlled by the amount of solution of red prussiate used. The print should be removed before the exact stage of reduction is reached, as this action continues slightly during the process of washing.
Hypochlorite of Soda Reducer. For this reducer two solutions are necessary, one the so-called Labarraque's solution, made as follows : -
Chloride of lime .......... ... 50 parts.
Carbonate of soda ... ... ... ... 100 ,,
Water           ...............250 ..
Mix the chloride of lime with 150 parts of water and the carbonate of soda with the remainder; mix the two solutions and filter, and make the filtrate measure 250 parts by washing the filter with distilled water. The second solution is a solution of chrome alum made by dissolving
Chrome alum           ............ 10 parts.
In water ......... ...... 250 ,,
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