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Development and Developers
No. 2.
Carbonate of soda (crystals) ...        ...        ... 9 ozs.
Bromide of potassium... ...        ...        ... 2 ,,
Distilled water... ... ...        ...        ...      28 ..
For use mix equal parts of Nos. 1 and 2.
Development with Hydrokinone and Eikonogen. Hydrokinone Developer. No. 1. Hydrokinone ... Sulphite of soda (anhydrous)... Bromide of potassium ... Distilled boiling water to make
No. 2. Carbonate of potash Distilled water to make
First dissolve the hydrokinone, and then add the sulphite and bromide. For use mix equal parts of Nos. 1 and 2. In cases of slight over-exposure add a few drops or minims of a 10 per cent, solution of bromide of potassium to each ounce of developer more or less according to extent of over-exposure. For con-siderable over-exposure use the redeveloper. For under-exposure pour off the hydrokinone developer and finish development with the eikonogen developer given below.
Eikonogen Developer. Eikonogen
Carbonate of potash ... Sulphite of soda (crystals) Distilled boiling water
First dissolve the eikonogen, then the sulphite, and lastly the carbonate of potash. This will be found a very useful developer for snapshot work and portraiture ; for ordinary landscape work a mixture of this and the above-given hydrokinone developer is to be preferred to eikonogen alone. One part of the eikonogen to two parts of the mixed hydrokinone developer will be found to work well, but the proportions may be varied to produce a developer possessing the required characteristics, eikonogen tending to softness and fulness of detail, and hydrokinone to bright shadows and full density. Instead of mixing the developers,