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Development and Developers
the development may be commenced with eikonogen, and when the detail is sufficiently out, hydrokinone substituted for it, without waiting to wash the negative, and the development finished with this, or in case of much over-exposure with the following hydro-kinone redeveloper: -
Redeveloper For Hydrokinone or Eikonogen.
No. i.
Hydrokinone ......
Sulphite of soda (crystals) Bromide of potassium ... Distilled boiling water to make
No. 2.
Carbonate of soda (crystals) ...        ...        ...        2 ozs.
Sulphite of soda (crystals) ...        ...        ...       2 ..
Distilled water to make ...        ...        ...      12 ..
For use mix equal parts of Nos. 1 and 2.
Fixing. After development well wash the negative under the tap, and immerse in the following : -
Fixing Bath. Hyposulphite of soda ...        ...        ...        ... 6 ozs.
Water..................        I pt.
This is most conveniently used in 3.\deep porcelain dish. The precaution should be taken when films are put into the fixing bath, of keeping them well under so that they are perfectly covered by the solution, otherwise stains may be caused. The negatives should remain in the fixing bath for 2 or 3 minutes after they are apparently fixed, so as to ensure perfect fixation. If an acid fixing bath is preferred, add 1 oz. of metabisulphite of soda (Boake's) to the 6 ozs. of hyposulphite of soda, the addition of the metabisulphite tends to keep the fixing bath clear, and prevents discoloration of the negative. (See Acid Sulphite Fixing Bath.)
Clearing. When fixed the negatives should be well rinsed under the tap, and if they have been developed with pyro, put into a dish containing the following clearing solution for about a minute. If