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Development and Developers
time has been given the image should begin to appear in from 40 to 50 seconds, and the development be complete in about five minutes.
Hydrokinone Developer for Black Tones. Hydrokinone ...        ...        ...        ...        ... 60 grs
Sulphite of soda (crystals) ... ... ... 2 ozs.
Carbonate of soda (crystals) ...        ...        ... 4 ..
Carbonate of potash ... ... ... ... 2 ..
Bromide of potassium ...        ...        ...        ... 40 grs.
Hot distilled water ...        ...        ...        ... 20 ozs.
For black and white line subjects add 1 drachm of a 60-grain solution of bromide of potassium to each ounce of developer, Dissolve the hydrokinone in the water, and add the other ingredients in the order named. This developer will keep good for at least a month ; it can be used over again for several plates. Exposure for contact printing as above, 10 to 30 seconds. The image should begin to appear in about 40 seconds to a minute, and the development be completed in about 4 minutes.
Amidol Developer fcr Black Tones.
This developer is to be used without dilution, except when working from a very strong negative, when it can be diluted with an equal amount of water. It may be used repeatedly without apparent loss of developing power. With correct exposure it yields slides of a very fine black colour. Exposure "for contact printing the same as for hydrokinone. Time of development about 8 minutes. These plates may be developed in either yellow or ruby light; the plate should be examined by looking through it from time to time, taking care not to expose it too much to the light. With pyro developer the transparency appears of nearly the same density before fixing as when finished, but when using hydrokinone or amidol the image must be developed to look much denser, as there is considerable reduction in the fixing bath. As soon as the transparency is sufficiently dense in the shadows, place it direct in the fixing bath, without previous washing.