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Mr. Acklands Table. No. II.
This Table gives in separate columns the relative converting values of each of the soluble haloid salts in ordinary use, showing how much of any salt must be used to replace one grain of any other. In each column will be found a unit (printed in larger type) which represents one grain of the salt named at the head of the column ; the other figures in the same column show the exact quantities of the other salts which must be used in lieu of a single grain of that particular haloid. Thus, taking the first column, which is headed " Ammonium Bromide," we find against ammonium bromide in the margin the figure i, represent-ing one grain of that salt. If we wish to know the relative converting power of potassium bromide we take the number in the ssame column which stands against the latter salt in the margin - viz.,that is to say,grain of potassium bromide will
be required to do the same work as one.