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A True Historic Record Of The Art & Practice Of Photography 100 Years Ago.

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specially, or such as can be obtained, at stationers' shops. After washing, the strip maybe hung up to dry by one of the clips; but drying on a roller (fig. 60) is generally preferable. Fig. 62 shows a strip of roll film in clips, but a plate of lead is held against the film by the lower clip. This lead acts as a sinker and makes development in a deep vertical bath very convenient. For stand
Fig. 61.                                                Fig. 62.1
development nothing is better than weighting the strip in this way, and developing by suspending the strip in a deep vertical bath.
Films, Hardening. See Formalin.
Filtration. In most cases such filtration as is incident to photographic operations is through white blotting-paper, or the somewhat similar paper which is sold as filtering paper, this latter being often sold ready cut to circular shape. A piece of the paper having been twice folded and opened out so as to