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Instantaneous Photography
may be obtained on the back of albumenised paper. As long as the details are there the depth of printing should be very slight; no toning or fixing is required. The image is then traced over with Indian ink, with the aid of a crowquill or fine pen. Allow this image to dry thoroughly and immerse in
Saturated solution of iodine (see below)... 10 parts. Saturated ,, .. potassium cyanide... 15 .. Distilled water ... ... ... ... 500 ,,
when the silver image will disappear and the print may then be washed and dried. The saturated solution of iodine can be prepared by saturating a 10 per cent, aqueous solution of potas-sium iodide.
Inks. Indian Ink, used in carbon printing and other similar process, appears to contain a special fine lamp black.
Ink for Writing on Glass. - An ounce of ordinary shellac is dissolved in 7 fluid ozs. of methylated spirit, and strained through muslin ; and to this is added, a little at a time, and with agitation, a solution of 1^ oz. of borax in 12 ozs. of water. The pigment or colour used should be mixed in with the borax solution ; Indian ink or any finely ground water colour being suitable.
Indcr.tructible Ink for Labels. - As above, with Indian ink as pigment.
White Ink for Lantern Slides - Chinese white, gum and water to suitable consistency.
Insensitiveness. When, by reason of faulty chemicals or manipulations, the sensitive surface refuses to record any action of light.
Instantaneous Lens. A term incorrectly applied to lenses when intended to convey a particular construction, as all types of lenses would, in a sufficiently powerful light, enable in-stantaneous photographs to be taken.
Instantaneous Photography is the obtaining of negatives by exposures of a small fraction of a second. The following tables .and rules may be found useful: -
A man walking 3 miles per hour moves per second.
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