The Dictionary Of Photography

A True Historic Record Of The Art & Practice Of Photography 100 Years Ago.

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Interference Heliochromy             Iron, Ammonio-Oxalate of
Copper sulphate ............ I part.
Water           ............... 16 parts.
Mix in equal proportions, and flow over the plate till the image is bleached, then wash well, and blacken with
Silver nitrate           ............        I part.
Water           ...............      16 parts.
Ammonium hyposulphite ... •...... i part.
Water           ............... 4 parts.
Then wash and dry.
Interference Heliochromy. See Photography in Natural Colours.
Interiors. See Architectural Photography.
Invisible Rays. See Radiography and Effluviography.
Iodine (Ger., Iod; Fr., lode; Ital., Iodio). One of
the halogen elements. Is obtained from seaweed, and appears commercially in metallic bluish-grey scales. Solubility: I in 7,000 of water, 1 in 12 of alcohol, 1 in 4 of ether; very soluble in a solution of any alkaline iodide. Thirty grains of iodine and 30 grs. of potassium iodide will dissolve in one drm. of distilled water. The metalloid itself is of less photographic use than its compounds.
Iridescent Heliochromy. See Photography in Natural Colours.
Iridescent Stain. See Fog.
Iris Diaphragm. See Diaphragm.
Iron, Ammonio-Citrate of (Ger., Citronensdures Eisenoxy-dammon; Fr., Ammonio-citrate de fer, Citrate ammoniacal de fer; Ital., Citrato di ferro ammoniacale). Synonym: Ferric Ammonium Citrate. Is prepared by dissolving ferric hydrate in citric acid, and adding liq. ammonia till neutral. It should be in small transparent scales of a deep reddish-brown colour. Solubility : 1 in 0*5 parts of water.
Iron, Ammonio-Oxalate of (Ferric). (NH4)3Fe(C204)3. By dissolving ferric hydrate in acid oxalate of ammonium solution.