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A True Historic Record Of The Art & Practice Of Photography 100 Years Ago.

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Isochromatic Photography
filtered through coloured media; but unfortunately the total sensitiveness of the whole plate is lowered in consequence. Colonel Waterhouse was the first to suggest the application of eosin, one of the coal-tar dyes. Numerous other experimental-ists, such as Abney, Carey Lea, Eder, Vogel, and Bothamley
Fig. 70.
continued the researches in this direction. For information on this point the reader is referred to Professor Meldola's interest-ing work on " The Chemistry of Photography " (p. 288, et. seq.). Vogel was the first to formulate a workable process for using eosine dyes in 1873, but his researches were confined to the collodion process. In 1882, Attout Tailfer, a French chemist, successfully worked a process for the gelatine dry plates.