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Ivorytype, or Eburneum Process. Terms which have been applied to several photographic processes in which the positive or print is on a surface resembling ivory. According to the method of Mr. Burgess, a carbon or collodion transparency was produced upon a plate of waxed glass, and the glass being levelled with the positive uppermost, the following mixture was poured on: - Gelatine 5 ozs. in 20 ozs. of water; melt and stir in 1 oz. of zinc white and \ oz. of glycerine. When the gela-tinous film is dry the edges can be cut round with a knife, and the whole stripped from the glass.
Japan Varnish. See Varnish.
Kaleidoscopic Photography. See Polypose.
Kallitype. A printing process invented by Mr. W. W. Nicol, the principle of which is that ferric salts are reduced by light to ferrous, and in this condition can reduce to the metallic state a soluble silver salt. The paper is first sized, then coated with either of the following solutions, which contains
Sodio-citrate of iron solution ... 20 per cent.
Neutral potassium oxalate...... 5 .. ..
The sodium salt can be replaced by the ammonium or potassium salts, or by the tartrate salt, or by mixtures of these compounds. The paper is printed in the same way as platinotype, and developed for bluish tones on a solution containing
Potassium oxalate ... ... ... 20 per cent.
Silver nitrate           ...... ... 1*5 ,, ..
to which sufficient ammonia is added to dissolve the precipitate first formed. For neutral black tones a solution containing
Potassium oxalate ... ... ... 10 per cent.
Silver nitrate......... ... I'j; ,, ..
and ammonia is used. For sepia tones a solution containing
Borax...... ... ...... 7 per cent.
Silver nitrate... ... ... ... 1*5 .. ..
Ammonia as above, is used. Good results may also be obtained by sensitising with
Ferric oxalate          ......... 5 per cent.
Ferric tartrate          ......... 5 ,, ..
Oxalic or tartaric acid ... ...         1 .. ..