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A True Historic Record Of The Art & Practice Of Photography 100 Years Ago.

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mic lens (fig. 87) consisted of two concavo-convex lenses, with spherical curvatures and a hollow space between filled with water. This possessed a wide angle, and gave no, or practically
Fig. 88.
Fig. 89.
no, spherical or chromatic aberration, but from its peculiar con-struction, and the necessity of using curved plates, it has never
Fig. 90.
come into general use. In figs. 88, 89, and 90 are shown lenses by Steinheil, fig. 88 being an aplanatic rapid rectilinear, and figs.
Fig. 91.
89 and 90 wide-angle aplanats, some of the finest lenses of the day; and In figs. 91 and 92 are shown two more of Steinheil's lenses, which work atNo. 91 being for groups, No. 92 for
portraits. Mr. Dallmeyer has introduced a rectilinear or non-433                                 FF