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Palladium                                              Panoramic Camera
full, when the box is wrapped in black paper, slipped into another case, and that into an outer box or travelling case. By-alternating the plates and paper in this manner, any number of plates may be safely carried by road or rail without much fear of fracture. Custom-house officers seldom give trouble to tourists who are reasonably civil; but it may be sometimes desirable, when the above method of packing is adopted, to interpose here and there a black card exactly fitting the box, and also to put a spoiled plate on the top. Even should such a package be opened for inspection, the damage may be little or nothing. Some tourists attach great importance to covering the outsides of each package with long inscriptions printed in various languages, and intended to caution custom-house officers. Such long inscriptions are seldom read; and a short caution, boldly printed, in the four leading languages is far more likely to be practically useful, thus -
Photographic Plates.
Plaques Photographiques.
Photographische Platten.
Teme la Luce. In practice the one word PHOTOGRAPHIC, on a label covering the whole length of the package, will convey a sufficient hint to any Custom-house officer willing to take a hint; this word being so universal in one form or another as scarcely to require trans-lation, even to the average fiscal officer of countries where the Roman alphabet is not used.
Palladium, Palladiotype. Palladium is a metallic element sometimes found native in the nearly pure state, and frequently with platinum, which it much resembles. It has been recom-mended for toning transparencies and enamels, but its use is limited. Palladiotype is a method similar to platinotype, but with palladium in place of platinum. (See Platinotype.)
Panel. The style of a commercial photograph, size about 4 byins.
Panoram. See Panoramic Camera.
Panoramic Camera. Generally a camera is so called when it includes a wider angle than can be included by a lens, the lens of widest angle being Sutton's concentric and spherical
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