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A True Historic Record Of The Art & Practice Of Photography 100 Years Ago.

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Paste, Encaustic                                                    Perspective
Paste, Encaustic. See Encaustic Paste.
Pearlash. A synonym for impure Potassium Carbonate (q.v.).
Pellet's Process. See Cyanotype.
Pellicle. Literally a thin skin or film, and in this sense applied to the emulsion when the solvents are evaporated. (For the making of pellicular negatives, see Negatives, Stripping of.)
Pencil Of Light. A term applied to the rays of light pro-ceeding from any luminous body. When the object is near, the pencil or rays of light are divergent rays ; when the object is very distant, the pencils may be considered parallel. A pencil, the rays of which lessen as it proceeds, is said to be convergent.
Peppertype. See Enamel and Ceramic Photographs.
Permits to Photograph. When application is made to a public body, as the London County Council, a very concise and formal letter is best; but in writing to a private individual, as the dean of a college or cathedral, the key-note should be a sense of personal obligation, should the request be granted. In London the Town Clerk (Guildhall) gives permits for Epping Forest, Burnham Beeches, Highgate Woods, and Wanstead Park, while most of the open spaces are under the jurisdiction of the London County Council (Office : Spring Gardens, Charing Cross). The Royal Parks are under the control of his Majesty's Board of Works, Whitehall. On the continent the tourist can generally get information from the nearest police office. As a rule, a reasonable use of the hand-camera is not interfered with in open places unless near military works, or naval depots; but such misuses of the hand-camera as may annoy individuals are likely to get the photographer into trouble wherever he may be. Welcome's Photographic Exposure Record (published in December of each year) contains a very full and up-to-date list of regulations as to permits. Any list of regulations we might give would probably be out of date and misleading before the next revision of the Dictionary takes place.
Perspective is the art of representing solid bodies on a plane surface. It is divided into two branches - linear perspective, which shows the apparent forms of objects on a flat surface;