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retouch a landscape negative, so as to be able to block out any pinhole in the sky or other light portion, the following may be of some assistance: - Some sort of retouching desk is needed, and this can be improvised from material within the reach of every one, all that is necessary being a printing-frame of the correct size, a deal board, a piece of black cardboard, and a small mirror or white card. Unscrew the springs of the printing-
frame and temporarily remove them altogether, make a small hole in one end of the face of the frame, have a deal board about 12 ins. long and 6 ins. broad, and arrange as shown in diagram : - d d, deal board ; s s, two nails driven well into board to prevent frame slipping; p, the support for frame; and b, the black card to prevent top light. A mirror or white card is laid upon dd underneath the frame f, so as to reflect the light up through the negative lying in the rebate of the frame. If the
Fig. in.
reflection from the mirror be too great, a piece of ground-glass or a focussing screen may be intervened midway between frame and mirror, in the position of the dotted line. The negative to be retouched should be varnished well with any good negative varnish, and allowed to dry thoroughly; then on those places where retouching is required should be dusted a little very finely powdered cuttle-fish, and, using the finger as a pad, rub the powder up and down or in a circular manner, till on examining the film through a magnifying glass it is seen to be quite rough;