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Rising Front                                                Roller Slide
The film will soon begin to get loose, and should be gently raised up and floated off into a bath of clean water and washed thoroughly, and then floated in a reverse position - that is, with the collodionised side downwards - on to a plate coated with a warm solution of gelatine (about 5 grs. to the ounce). It should be then squeegeed into contact and left to dry. (See also Negatives, Stripping of.)
The third method: By reproduction from the negative: - A dry plate is soaked for five minutes in a 4 per cent, solution of bichromate of potash, rinsed once or twice in water, and then dipped into a bath of equal parts of methylated spirit and water, the superfluous moisture blotted off, and dried. All these operations must be conducted in the dark-room. It is then exposed under the negative to be reversed to sunlight for three or four minutes, when a faint delicate image will be seen impressed ; it is then washed and developed with ferrous oxalate or alkaline pyro, and fixed and washed as usual. The result is a reversed and negative image.
Rising Front. A movable piece of wood fitted to the front of camera, which can be moved up and down so as to exclude, or include more or less of the foreground of a picture without shift-ing camera. It should be sparingly used, however, as of course the shifting of the lens either up or down causes the optical axis of the lens to be altered with regard to the centre of the plate; and as the brightest illumination is obtained with the central rays it is obvioue that unequal illumination may ensue.
Rives Paper. A particular make of paper specially prepared at Rives in France, for photographic purposes.
Rodinal. The solution sold as Rodinal is said to be com-pounded as follows: -
Crystallised sulphite of soda...... 30 parts.
Hydrochlorate of paramido-phenol ... 10 ,,
Distilled water............ 100 ,,
Add strong caustic soda solution until there is a complete re-dissolving of the precipitate which is first formed. See Develop-ment and Developers for the method of using Rodinal.
Roller Slide. The use of films and paper supports for the sensitive compounds suggested, of course, the natural idea of