The Dictionary Of Photography

A True Historic Record Of The Art & Practice Of Photography 100 Years Ago.

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ij. Lirrie Water and Acetate Bath.
Chloride of gold ...... ...... 15 grs.
Acetate of soda ... ... ...... 180 M
Lime water ... ... ......... 15 ozs.
Gives purplish tones. Keeps fairly well.
18. Sel d'Or,
Dissolve the gold in half the water, and add to the hypo dis-solved in remainder of water, stirring constantly; then add the acid. Burton strongly recommends this bath. After toning, put prints into a soda bath and then fix. So far all the baths given have referred to ordinary albumenised paper. The following are specially recommended for printing-out emulsions, whether on glass or paper, such as Aristotype. In fact, for the latter paper these are the only baths which really give beautiful results: -
The prints should be rather deeply printed, and soaked in a solution of alum (1 in 10) first for five minutes, then given a dip into a bath of carbonate of soda, and then toned faced down-wards ; afterwards dipped in soda and fixed in fresh hypo.
20. Fixing and Toning Bath.
Fill the bottle containing this solution with clippings of paper or