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Weighing and Measuring
always keep the scales hung, and to use a flat glass shade for a cover, as shown in fig. 134; indeed, some such protection to the finer scales is essential, if they are to be kept always ready for use and in good order; still, it may be remarked, that a light cover constructed of cardboard may shield off the dust as effectually as a glass shade. A movable glass pan is very desirable, a watch glass serving very conveniently, and a metal
Fig. 134-
counterpoise can be constructed. A small thin glass beaker provided with counterpoise is useful, as sometimes it is desiratle to weigh liquids rather than to measure them. The hook sus-pension for the glass pan is preferred by some as giving more Teady access to the pan, and it is generally provided as an alternative arrangement. For measuring liquids the usual glass graduated measures are ordinarily most convenient, although in the case of very small quantities and hot liquids other arrange-ments are desirable. Hot liquids - and almost the only hot