A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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By William Brown, M.D., D.Sc, F.R.C.P.
Wilde Reader in Mental Philosophy and Director of the Institute of Experimental Psychology in the University of Oxford
The study of the human mind on strictly scientific lines is of comparatively recent date, and psychology has been the last of the fundamental sciences to separate out from the matrix of natural philosophy. But its position now is sufficiently firm to justify practical conclusions from its facts and generalizations. One such body of practical doctrine is the science and art of psycho therapy, or of mental methods of healing, which, developing within the domain of medical practice, may be justifiably regarded as transcending narrower medical purposes and aiming at the highest good of humanity. Psychotherapy must be firmly based upon the findings of scientific psychology and of scientific medicine, but, by its very nature and purpose, it is destined to pass beyond these limits and make its contribution to the science of ethics and find its full illumination in the realms of philosophy and religion.
Dr. Marcus Gregory has written his book on the subject from this wider standpoint, and has done justice to every aspect of it. He has avoided any form of one-sidedness, and has produced a scholarly volume which is worthy of the high dignity which psychotherapy is destined to achieve in the domain of social and religious philosophy. I can cordially recommend it as a sound and reliable text-book on the subject.
February 10, 1939