A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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This work attempts to present psychotherapy in its wholeness, but in order that the point of view from which it is written may be the more easily apprehended, the author, after some hesitation, has ventured to preface it with ' a bit of concrete autobiography \
One evening in 1927 while preparing for matriculation at Kena in Upper Egypt, during a discussion with two fellow-students on their future careers, he intimated that he proposed to study medicine. But that night he had a vivid dream in which a white-robed figure appeared before him, telling him that he will be a spiritual doctor. He wrote home on the following morning and his father replied, ' God's will be done \ On consulting the parish priest of Kous, his native town, he was advised to take a theological training, and after a four years' course in Cairo he was appointed secretary to the Archbishop of Ethiopia and within a year was ordained to the priesthood as Chaplain to His Beatitude. In spite of all the claims upon his time and energies, the early dream continued to haunt him.
On September 13, 1932, Mr. Buxton and Mr. Fison, who were on a short stay at Addis Ababa, paid him a cordial visit, and a year later, on hearing that the latter had been appointed to the staff of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, his old desire was stirred. On his own initiative he came to England in 1934 and subsequently was matriculated at Oxford University as an Advanced Student. Here, while engaged on ' A New Translation of the Book of Psalms from Hebrew into Amharic * for his B.Litt. degree, he took a deep interest in the courses of Dr.