A Broad Perspective on Mental Healing

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William Brown and Professor Grensted. This led him to write a dissertation on ' An Attempted Synthesis of Christian Spiritual Healing and Psychotherapy' for his D.Phil, degree.
At the outset a senior friend said that such an undertaking would require a philosopher, a psychologist and a theologian. While such a triune team could produce a work greater than the author's experience warranted him in attempting, he had in mind a saying attributed to St. Anthony that a pursuer of virtue is like a bee which from various flowers produces its honey, and in the spirit of this simile the book was written.
Besides the many members of the medical profession on whose works the author has freely drawn, he wishes to take this opportunity to express his extreme gratitude to Professor C. E. Guarino, of Naples, Dr. K. Hanner, of Sweden, and His Excellency Dr. Ibrahim Fahmy el-Minyawi Pasha, for their skilful personal attention, without which this book might not have been produced.
The author incurred a debt of gratitude to Professor Pierre Janet, Professor D. T. V. Moore, Professor C. G. Jung, and others whom he met at international conferences ; and to Professor Sir S. Radhakrishnan, Professor J. E. Marcault and other fellow-members of the World Congress of Faiths. He is particularly indebted to several friends who have taken the trouble to read the present work in manuscript. The Rev. C. Rhodes offered untiring assistance in literary style and construction in the initial stages, and the Rev. J. E. Fison has given unstinting counsel and also helped in making the synopses of the chapters short. The book profited by the numerous acute and judicious observations of Mr. J. S. Barwell, and the compositors, printers' readers and publishers have made the final stages of the work a pleasure.
A special debt of gratitude is due to Dr. William